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Our Story

We took the red pill - or perhaps the green pill and have started the project to create an Urban Farm in Surprise AZ.   


We have become passionate about producing fresh organic vegetables and products for the Northwest Phoenix area.    

At Dynamite Organic Farm we offer an authentic Natural Organic Vegetable Farm experience that will suit the entire family. With everything from homemade foods to fun outdoor events at local farmers markets, it’s a great place to visit at all seasons, since things are constantly changing here.

We are a Certified Organic Farmer by the International Association of Professional Organic Farmers.


We are just getting started, so follow us on Instagram at @DynamiteFarm to get our updates.  Contact us at for email.

Mailing Address:

Dynamite Organic Farm LLC

22215 N Giovota DR

Sun City West, AZ 85375

Farm Location:

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 33.630554, -112.366669

USDA Hardiness Zones 9b

Freshly Picked Food

Sustainable Regenerative Farming - Natural and Organic

Climate-Smart Agriculture

We apply Climate-Smart Agriculture Best Management Practices that eliminate pesticide and fertilizer inputs (organic), use no-till or low-till practices, use diverse cover crops, and use rotational crop planting to continually invigorate natural and organic sustainable rich soil.  Regenerative soil farming practices to naturally build excellent healthy soil for clean healthy produce.

Soil Science and Health

We study soil science and are constantly learning latest practices in soil management, development, and improvement.   Soil health is critical to natural and organic farming practices to provide the best and riches vegetables with the sweetest flavors and natural ingredients.  Our focus on soil health and regenerative practices enable the best natural vegetables with no chemicals or pesticides.  Soil is not an inert growing medium – it is a living and life-giving natural resource. It is teaming with billions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that are the foundation of an elegant symbiotic ecosystem.

Water Conservation

Our approach to water conservation and management is to use drip irrigation methods, recycle water resources in the farm, and conduct rainwater harvesting approaches to reduce the impact on the natural water resources.  In Arizona, water management is as important as any other factor in growing productive agriculture.

Carbon Sequestration

Good farming practices make a significant difference in carbon management, we trap carbon in the soil for uptake and utilization in the plant growing process.  Our natural carbon practices invigorate the soil and provide nutrients vital to plant health and growing.  Our no-till or low-till practices reduce energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions providing for a better environment.  Our integration of cover crops into our planting rotation builds soil health and organic matter in our earth.

Food Security - Local

Our farm enables the local community to have food security and a local source for natural and organic fresh produce.   Our focus on the local market provide fresh field to table food with richer taste, more nutrients, and natural minerals and vitamins.   Most supermarket foods are weeks between being in the field to the supermarket, while our products are harvested fresh and to the market in only hours.

Certified Member - International Association of Professional Organic Farmers

Certified Organic Farmer

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