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Moon Dust Dirt - Dirt to become Soil

We have a lot of work to do on our dirt to convert it to rich soil.   We add organic compost and use cover crops and natural methods to enrich our soil.   Take a look at this moon dust dirt.

The Farm: Video

Putting in the master water line on the property.

The Farm: Video

Building the Farm Construction entrance

One of the first things we need to do is build an entrance and gate so we can get onto the property and start to build the farm.  Also cover a rough diagram plot layout for the farm.

The Farm: Video

The Farm

Our history and progress

Mini Barn_edited.jpg

New Barn

Sept 21 2022

We don't have the zoning and building permits to build out our new big barn, so to get started we ordered a new little mini barn for the farm.   Very good construction and will do for now... excited to have a building on the site.

Mini Excavator

The First Plot

Sept 18, 2022

We hired a mini excavator to come in and clear out the first area for the farm plot, and build out some swales to control water and keep erosion from washing out our new field.  Exciting to make more progress on building out the farm.

Our Urban Farm gate

The Farm Gate

August 25, 2022

My first time, put in some wood post purchased at CAL Ranch, bought farm gates at Tractor Supply, and hung them up, added some T-Post braces to help support the weight of the gates and keep the posts from leaning in over time.

A kubota skid steer building our driveway

Creating a driveway and farm construction gate

August 20, 2022

We need to get access to our land, the city put in a new road with a big curb, so we can't get in... and we need to clear out some trees and put in a gate to secure the property.

Empty Land to become Urban Organic Farm

The Beginning

January 1, 2022

We purchased 5 acres in Surprise Arizona.  The cool thing is the land is on a street named Dynamite BLVD, so we decided to name the farm Dynamite Organic Farm (or Dynamite Farm for short).   We are excited to take this space and build out a organic vegetable farm in Surprise, and will proceed with the City of Surprise to get zoning approval and permits for our plan.  We are using books that inspired us from author Jean-Martin Fortier - The Market Gardener and Curtis Stone - The Urban Farmer.  These books are a starting point guiding us on building and designing out the farm.

Empty Farm Land in Surprise AZ - Dynamite Organic Farm

Not much here

January 1, 2022

Here is a picture of the land we bought, not much here.... but lots of potential

The Farm: What's Happening
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