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If you love enjoying a fun-filled day outdoors, interacting with nature and enjoying amazing fresh and natural produce, you’ve come to the right place. Schedule a visit to the farm to have us pick super fresh right out of the field produce for you.   See the farm and learn how we create safe healthy organic food for your family.  Dynamite Organic Farm participates in the most incredible farmers market events that are suited for the whole family.


Fresh Flowers
Farm 3
Farm 1

Fresh Cut Flowers

Contact us to arrange a visit to pick your own flowers from our farm to make your own bouquet.   Follow us on Instagram @DynamiteFarm for special offers.

Farmer's Markets

We attend several local Farmers Markets in the greater Phoenix area.... follow us on Instagram @DynamiteFarm to know where we will be and when.

First Harvest

Get the freshest straight from the field during our First Harvest events.   Follow us on Instagram @DynamiteFarm for First Harvest dates to know when the best products are coming out of the field.

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