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Urban Farm Arizona Organic Vegetable Farmers Market

Dynamite Organic Farm

No-Till Urban Natural Organic Vegetable Farm - Flower Farm

Our focus is to produce natural healthy vegetables and produce using natural and organic methods.   What this means is that on our homestead farm we are using natural fertilizer methods and organic compost, no chemicals or pesticides, natural pest management practices, pure nature farming methods, and NO Nano technology or nano elements in any of our produced food.  Healthy natural rich vegetables and produce.  Our market garden is focused on creating a premium healthy product from our market garden.

We produce a premium product NOT sold or available at the grocery store.  Incomparable by any healthy standards.

Check Out Our Upcoming Events

Check out what’s happening at our Urban Farm. We have tons of things happening all year. Our events will include First Harvest, Fresh Flower Friday, and Farmer's Markets. Some of our events repeat themselves throughout the year, while others are held at specific times of the year. Our First Harvest, Fresh Flowers, and Farm Vegetables will be found at local farmers markets.  Follow us on Instagram at @DynamiteFarm for more info and find our farmers markets events.

Currently, our farm is new and underdevelopment, we welcome any questions or suggestions. We have planted our first crops and will start harvesting in April 2023,  follow us in Instagram to stay informed.  First harvest expected in March 2023.

Image by Sharon Pittaway
Fresh Flowers
Farm 3

First Harvest

Get the freshest straight from the field during our First Harvest events.   Follow us on Instagram @DynamiteFarm for First Harvest dates to know when the best products are coming out of the field.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Our flower farm grows fresh cut and u-pick flowers.   Contact us to arrange a visit to the farm to pick your favorite flowers and create your own bouquet.

Follow us on Instagram 

@DynamiteFarm for special offers. 

Farmer's Markets

We attend several local Farmers Markets in the greater Phoenix area.... follow us on Instagram @DynamiteFarm to know where we will be and when.

Farm Products

What’s we Grow

Organic Vegetables from Urban Farm Dynamite Organic Farm

Farm Fresh Vegetables

Flowers from Dynamite Organic Farm Urban Farm Arizona

Fresh Flowers

Organic Herbs and Spices Dynamite Organic Farm Arizona

Herbs and Spices

Farm Location

17850 W Dynamite BLVD

Surprise AZ  85387

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